Pick the mushrooms while the edges of the caps are still curled down. If you leave the mushrooms to grow bigger, you will end up with poorer quality mushrooms and it also means fewer mushrooms later on.

Pick all the mushrooms at the same time by twisting them off at the base. Be careful not to pull out the substrate.

Don't cut the mushrooms off at the base, this is going to make the stump rot - a rotten stump means fewer mushrooms on your next flush.

Once you have picked your first flush, keep on watering your Mushroom Factory. Your factory should produce between 2 and 4 flushes of mushrooms. Your most successful crops are usually the 1st and 2nd because this is when there are the most nutrients for the mushrooms to feed off.

From the time your mushrooms start growing, they should double in size every day. They will be ready to pick after about a week.

Disposing of you kit

Our mushroom kits are RECYCLABLE! When your mushroom factory has finally exhausted itself, enrich your compost with it.