Since we first started selling our Pink and White Oyster Mushroom Factories, we have had lots of queries about Button Mushrooms. The good news is that after much research and testing - Ke Nako! We have produced a limited number of White Button Mushroom Factories which are on sale from 23 June 2011.

Due to their relatively short shelf life they are only available directly from us at markets:

Bryanston Organic Market
(9am-3pm Thursdays & Saturdays)
Michael Mount Waldorf School

Jozi Market
(8.30am-1.30pm Saturdays)
Pirates Sports Club
4th Avenue Ext

Arts on Main
(10am-3pm Sundays)
264 Fox St
City & Suburban Johannesburg

Starting Your Kit

Activating your kit is easy, just follow the simple instructions that come with your kit. Our Button Mushroom Factories require different conditions to our Oyster Mushroom Kits but growing them is just as fun and easy. These Button Mushroom Factories yield approximately 1.2kgs of Mushrooms over 2 flushes (3 if you are lucky!).

Looking After Your Kit

Button Mushroom yields are highly dependant on the temperature. The ideal temperature for our kits is 17C, but 2C degrees either way will still yield good results. If in doubt get a thermometer and test various areas in your house for the best place to keep your White Button Mushroom Factory. Your kit does not need to be kept in the dark but KEEP IT OUT OF DIRECT SUNLIGHT!

TIP: We have found that cupboards often make great places to keep your White Button Mushroom Factory; They are dark and their temperatures are often within the ideal range between 15C and 19C.

The surface of the kit should always be moist (but not wet). Mist your kit with the supplied mister at least twice a day. It is important not to let your kit dry out, as your mushrooms will not grow. Be careful not to over water as this kit has no drainage system and excessive water build up will kill the growing mushrooms.
DO NOT COVER THE TOP OF THE KIT – this will limit the air circulation and will cause long stringy mushrooms.

What To Expect From Your Kit

DAY 7-14 After staring your kit you will notice the mushroom mycelium beginning to grow into the casing.

DAY 12-14 You will notice little pin-like heads begin to form on the casing. Mushrooms will grow anywhere on the casing, sometimes individually and sometimes in big clumps.

DAY 17-21 If grown between 15C-19C and you have kept your casing moist your mushrooms are ready to harvest.

Harvesting Your Crop

Harvest your mushrooms by gently twisting and then gently pulling them out of the casing- try not to disturb the other mushrooms.
In 1-4 weeks another crop of mushrooms should start to appear - continue to mist during this time.
Remember these instructions are general guideline for setting up your kit; while every care has been in the production of this kit, growing temperatures and the attention you give your kit will affect the success of your kit.

Interesting Facts

The humble button mushroom is rich in anti-oxidants- this means it helps boost your body’s immune system.
Mushrooms are also a great source of vitamins B1, B2 and B6, folic acid, niacin, iron, and potassium.
White button mushrooms also contain almost no fat, very few kilojoules and no cholesterol.

How to use your harvest

Delicious both raw and cooked - this mushroom is perfect for everything from salads to pizza, stir-fries and side dishes - it is the most versatile mushroom of them all.

Happy growing and happy eating!